About Watermark

Watermark Constructions

Restoring the past, building the future.

Watermark Constructions’ innovative philosophy means that we are always looking toward the future. Our malleable technology based structure allows us to evolve around the current and future demands of the ever-changing insurance repair and construction framework. We are a performance and results driven company through innovative solutions, this is reflected in our exemplary standards that are stringently upheld.

We seek to work with our insurer partners and clients closely though the job life to enhance all outcomes with a vision that even the smallest changes and efficiencies can make a large difference in claims outcome for the Client, the builder and occupant combined.

Our Philosophy

Watermark Constructions focuses on providing construction and building services to the insurance industry, statutory authorities, government departments as well as general building. Watermark continue to surpass our client expectations through providing;

Quality Service

Delivery of a superior service on time and on budget.

Quality Communication

Providing the highest standard of written and electronic communication between all parties.

Quality Staff

Assembling a well-trained, well-educated workforce, focusing on the insurance repair industry, facilities management and government projects.

Quality Outcome

Provide a quality process, monitored throughout the repair progression & concluding with an outcome satisfying all parties.

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