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Watermark Constructions - Insurance Repair

Insurance Repair

Watermark Constructions is recognised as one of the leading insurance repair builders throughout Queensland. Having successfully completed over 62,000 projects we are made up of some of the most experienced and passionate building professionals in Queensland.

Watermark Constructions - Aged Care

Aged Care

Aged care refurbishments, facilities management, along with community and lifestyle projects, Watermark Constructions is connected to our environment and the people that make us strong.

Watermark Constructions - Commercial


The acquisition and mentoring of experienced trade professionals has afforded growth into Retail, Hospitality, Strata facilities management and a suite of bespoke commercial and mixed-use projects, reflecting our agile nature in Construction.

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Our People

As a building specialist, Watermark Constructions is just as committed to the quality of the product, as we are determined to make a difference for our employees and the communities we work in. With an impressive leadership, estimating, project management and trade resume, we design and deliver the solutions you have been looking for.

Watermark Constructions - Our People

Leaders In Industry

Watermark Constructions has established its unique construction methodology through the company’s extensive experience within the industry. We create and implement best practice utilising sound principles to govern safety and business acumen, along with social, environmental, and economic activities.

Watermark Constructions - Leaders In Industry

We Care

We strive to be a valued and welcome extension to every organisation, community, and customer we engage. Watermark Constructions can be trusted to deliver quality, efficiency, and genuine care.

Watermark Constructions - We Care

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